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Our Miscellaneous Services Include


Expert handling of miscellaneous services including CERSAI, CIBIL, FIV, SARFASI, CKYC, and more.


Strategic guidance and assistance in registering and protecting your trademarks.

Food License

Facilitation of obtaining food licenses, ensuring compliance with food safety regulations.


Support in registering and safeguarding your intellectual property through patents.


Assistance with copyright registration to protect your creative works.

ISO Certification

Guidance and support in obtaining ISO certification for quality management.

Import and Export

Comprehensive assistance in navigating import and export regulations for seamless international trade.

Labor Law Compliance

Expertise in managing compliance with labor laws to ensure a harmonious work environment.

Why Choose Girvani for Miscellaneous Services?

    • Comprehensive Expertise: Girvani excels in a wide range of miscellaneous services, offering comprehensive solutions to diverse business needs.

    • Proactive Compliance Management: Our team adopts a proactive approach to ensure compliance with various regulatory requirements.

    • Strategic Guidance: Girvani provides strategic guidance in protecting your intellectual property and navigating import/export regulations.

    Choose Girvani Corporate Advisors LLP for miscellaneous services that contribute to the overall efficiency and compliance of your business.

    Contact us today to explore how our miscellaneous services can benefit your business.

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